ICC T20 World Cup Groups 2021

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 ICC T20 World Cup Groups
      In ICC t20 world cup 2021 12 play in the tournament. In this world cup playing England, Australia, South Africa, west indies, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan. These are all the time qualify for ICC t20 world cup 2021.
But these are the name play a qualifying match and qualify for t20 world cup 2021. Sri Lanka, Ireland, Netherland, Namibia. Bangladesh, Oman, Schotland, Papa new gunea.
We are discussing a group of the t20 world cup 2021.

Round 1 supper 12

Group A
   Sri Lanka

Group B
     Papa new guinea.
Final Groups of ICC T20 World Cup

Group 1.
   South Africa
  West Indies
  Winner group A
  Runner up Group B

Group 2
     New Zealand
    Runner up Group A
    Winner group B


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