Do I Need a Contractors License in Utah

As you may have guessed from the volume of license types and strict guidelines, Utah takes its licensing requirements for contractors very seriously. There are 25 different classifications of Utah entrepreneur licenses, depending on the field of your future job. General licenses include: There are many types of licenses available for contractors in Utah, and they all go through the Department of Professional and Professional Licenses (DOPL). While one might think that all these licenses under one roof would make the licenses a breeze, it`s not that simple. Do you want to check the exact cost of your contractor`s license? Fill out the short form below! At Simply Business, we insure entrepreneurs like you in the United States. We know how to get the right GL coverage from major insurers that meets Utah`s requirements and fits your budget. All in about 10 minutes. Make sure you get a quote so you`re sure you`re getting the best coverage at the best price. Don`t stress yourself out; We`ve done all the research for you and included it in this helpful guide! That`s right. Everything you need to know to get your contractor license in Utah can be found here in this guide. Finally, if the payment dispute is not favorable, contractors may need to enforce the privilege. All levels have up to 180 days from the date they deposited the lien. And you must also submit lis pendens to the county where the disputed property is located.

Another reason to get your contractor license in Utah is that it`s ideal for business. Clients want to work with contractors they can trust – and who are qualified enough to meet the state`s licensing requirements. You must take a pre-license course. For general contractors, it should be 5 hours provided by Utah Home Builders (UHB) or Associated General Contractors of Utah (AGC). If you have any other questions about getting a contractor licensed in Utah, including the process or requirements, leave a comment below! You can also find other articles like this to start your business and grow here. The Utah contractor`s license application is more expensive. Below is a breakdown of fee-based fees for each application: The State of Utah regulates 23 types of contractors, one of which, the construction instructor, lists five subtypes. Plumbers and electricians are also regulated by the state. See the Utah code (58-55-301) for a complete list of license classifications. The definition further states that general contractors “all components of such construction, with the exception of plumbing, electrical work, mechanical work, work related to the operational integrity of an elevator and the installation of prefabricated houses for which the general contractor must use the services of a licensed contractor in the relevant specialty …”. To earn your license, you must meet the training requirements and pass two exams – the UT B-100 General Building Contractor exam and the UTAH Construction Business and Law exam.

Phone: 801-894-9111-2207 South 1070 West Salt Lake City, UT. 84119 Once the 25-hour pre-license course is over, you can take the PSI exams. The B-100 General Building Contractor Exam: I am a project manager who wants to become a general contractor opening my own business. I need to know if there is an upper limit for the annual value of the contract or if it is only by contract? I will divide all my work. I will be. After completing the online registration process, you will receive your company`s licenses and account numbers. In addition, you will receive all the necessary information to obtain additional business licenses, if necessary, that are required by the local communities. There are only a handful of suppliers approved to provide the 25-hour pre-licensing program for Utah contractors. Here`s a link to these providers: you need to name a qualifier that is a person for whom you can demonstrate relevant experience. You must have at least 2 years of full-time experience within the last 10 years.

In one of the years, they should have taken on a management or oversight role. The qualifier is the person who demonstrates the knowledge and experience required to obtain the license. This also includes taking the license exam. It would be a shame to lose thousands of dollars for something as stupid as not carrying the license required by the state. It would be a real travesty to lose your payments simply because you have not protected them and preserved your right to mechanical privilege. And to do that, Utah entrepreneurs need to keep an eye on some specific deadlines. The exception here is when a general contractor is “engaged in the construction of single-family and multi-family homes up to four units [at present] to perform the mechanical work and hire a licensed plumber or electrician as an employee.” Utah`s Mechanical Lien Act does not explicitly require contractors to wear a license as a condition of filing a lien if payment for a project is not made. .

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