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11. Licensors and *** agree that this Agreement will be effective under the laws of the State of California and that no other promises or written agreements will be permitted to modify the terms of this Agreement, except and only to the extent that such changes are due to subsequent written changes agreed to and signed by Licensor and ***. In the event of any dispute arising out of this Agreement, the parties agree to meet in good faith to resolve the dispute. If these efforts are unsuccessful, the parties must submit the dispute to non-binding mediation before a *** neutral mediator prior to a dispute. The parties agree on the jurisdiction of the State and the Federal District *** in the event of prosecution. Harvard offers certain materials (usually biological research materials) for commercial use on a sample non-exclusive license agreement. It`s a lot like a down payment on a purchase agreement, which is why the lease option and the purchase of leasing are so often confused. A rental option also provides for cross-default provisions, and the above option fee is generally non-refundable. If a tenant option holder chooses to exercise their option to purchase the property, the option fee will generally be credited to the purchase price, but an additional deposit may be required when the parties enter into the purchase agreement. If you finally buy the property, this money can be deducted from the purchase price at closing. Another reason why investors like to use options is that they save time to raise the capital they need for a project (here). Subject to the terms of a separate credit agreement between the Carrier and the Customer (which prevails), the following special conditions and the values, periods, tariffs or billable items indicated in square brackets below apply. Not only will a proper loan application help you decide which customers are creditworthy (and in what amount), but it can also provide security and be the first step in making sure you get paid.

If the Customer wishes to instruct a third party to pay the fees on its behalf (a freight agent), the Customer must first obtain the carrier`s written consent. To the extent that these Credit Terms apply to the Customer (with the exception of the granting of credits), they include and apply to the Customer`s freight agents. The Customer hereby accepts and undertakes to indemnify the Carrier for all costs in the event of default, claim or non-payment by a freight agent ( A Credit Support Annex (CSA) is a legal document that regulates credit support (collateral) for derivative transactions. It is one of the four parts that make up an isda framework contract, but it is not mandatory. It is possible to have an ISDA agreement without CSA, but generally no CSA without ISDA. If, at an assessment date, the amount of the delivery is equal to or greater than the minimum transfer amount of the secured creditor, the secured creditor must transfer legitimate securities of a value at least equal to the amount of the delivery. The amount of delivery is the amount that the amount of loan support exceeds the value of all recorded collateral held by the secured party. The amount of loan support is the risk of the secured party plus Pledgor`s independent amounts minus the guaranteed party`s independent amounts minus Pledgor`s threshold. This exemption shall apply in so far as such agreements contain vertical restraints. If an agreement contains one or more of the restrictions characterised above, it is very unlikely that it will benefit from an individual exemption.

Cumulative effects refer to situations in which market access is significantly limited by the cumulative effect of parallel networks of similar vertical agreements used by competitors. The literature consulted during the Commission`s consultation shows that the cumulative effects of vertical restraints could have a greater impact on competition than their isolated use by individual actors. Misrepresentation and error are different legal concepts in contract law; they also lead to different corrective measures. An error presupposes the absence of consensus and cancels the contract from the outset, whereas a contract induced by a false declaration is valid but voidable. Factual causality is determined by the criterion of “but for” (or condition sine qua non). The criterion of legal causation asks whether the causal link between the offence and the damage is sufficiently close to justify the imposition of liability. In response to the requirements of the European Market Infrastructure Regulation1 (EMIR) regarding derivatives trading and clearing, Europe-based clearing members and their derivatives clients shall re-document their relationships. They were supported to do so by two industry standard English legal documents published in 2013, the FOA Clearing Module2 (the module) published by the FIA (published under the former name of fiAs European Arm, the Futures and Options Association), which deals with the clearing of exchange-traded derivatives (ETDs) and OTC derivatives; and ISDA/FOA Addendum 3 on OTC derivatives cleared by clients (the Addendum), published jointly by the International Swaps and Derivatives Association and the FIA, and covers the clearing of OTC derivatives, but not ETDs. The ability to bargain directly with our workers has led to a collective agreement consistent with others across the province, new opportunities for students and apprentices, and an unprecedented four-year agreement,” Mayor Lisa Helps said in a statement. The new collective agreement, the first independently negotiated contract in 40 years between the two groups, is a four-year contract, but it extends until January.

1 of this year, the previous contract having expired on December 31, 2016. CUPE 50 is the largest union in the city, representing 850 workers. As a strong and democratic union, Local 50 is committed to improving the quality of life of Victorian workers by a strong and collective voice in their workplace. 3 (reconciliation) housing m., compromesso m., accordo m.; (Agreement) accomodamento m. Vuoi aggiungere una parola, una frase o una traduzione? Although the agreement was welcomed by many, including French President Fran├žois Hollande and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon,[67] criticism also surfaced. For example, James Hansen, a former NASA scientist and climate change expert, expressed anger that most of the deal is made up of “promises” or goals, not firm commitments. [98] He called the Paris talks a fraud “without deeds, only promises” and believes that a simple flat tax on CO2 emissions, which is not part of the Paris Agreement, would reduce CO2 emissions fast enough to avoid the worst effects of global warming. [98] A major caveat about India`s prospects is the continued expansion of the coal link. A translation is missing, did you notice an error or would you like to give us a compliment? Fill out our feedback form. Your optional email address and we only need it to respond to your request in accordance with our privacy policy…. the assignment or post-negotiation novation of a derivative contract where one of the parties to the derivative contract is replaced by a third party. .

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